I think it is mind control O_O

Someday, I’ll stop obsessing over Kyou Kara Maou, and people who visit here will have something to read that they might actually care about. For now, though, I’m stuck.

It makes me feel like I want to do something important, like I want to have a Great Purpose. I started crying this morning on my way to work because I could only think of one purpose that I know, without a doubt, that I want. You can all guess what that is.

In any case, if the preview for episode 35 is any indication, Yuuri is going to have to fight Konrad. I quasi-predicted this, but it still shocked the hell out of me…now the question is, is Konrad under mind control, or is he being manipulated/blackmailed, or is he pretending? (And the previous question, “How the hell did he get his/an arm back?”, still stands. Because that is definitely an arm. So I suppose the other option, that it isn’t really Konrad, is still viable. However, it seemed like Morgif recognized Konrad…so…)