Kyou Kara Maou

I have been completely absorbed with this series lately. I couldn’t stop watching it until I ran out of episodes. I’m still thinking about it.

I believe in Yuuri, the Maou-heika. He is amazing…a wielder of great power who is fighting for peace between humans and his own demon people. He’s had to fight prejudice, quest for ancient relics, and make difficult decisions that have ultimately succeeded only because they were backed by his loyal followers and his own great powers. He had to prove himself to his people before they would follow him. But he is a brilliant leader, because he leads with his heart.

And now…Konrad! Konrad’s arm! Is he even still alive?

'kono ude wo hanase make ni wa...'

I am completely enraptured. There are only a few episodes left before the end of the season, but I understand a new season will start next month. With the richness of the setting and the brilliance of the storytelling, I know I will go along for the ride. The only worry I have is that I, like Yuuri, am being sucked inexorably into another world…

In other news, Geneon is coming out with DVDs of the series. They’ve called it “Kyo Kara Maoh“, spelled that way I suppose to avoid pronunciation confusion. But their subtitle, which is presented as if it’s a translation, is “God (?) Save Our King!” That is kind of cute, but also totally ridiculous. Oh well…what can you really expect? It’s not like “From this day forward, I’m the Maou!” is a good title. (Or even accurate…there’s no subject in the title, so you could interpret it as saying, “From this day forward, you’re the Maou!/he’s the Maou!” In fact, “kyou kara Maou” is one of Konrad’s lines to Yuuri in the beginning.)

I don’t know, though…wouldn’t something like, “I’m the Demon King?!” be more appropriate? That at least would get to the heart of the emotion behind the title at the beginning…though it unfortunately wouldn’t translate the feeling that Yuuri has moving forward, his decision to be the Maou, to take that responsibility. So maybe “I’m the Demon King!” I don’t know.

I do know that “God (?) Save Our King!” is totally stupid, though :>