To all my readers

Just because I say something is true doesn’t mean that it is. Just because I post my particular belief doesn’t mean I’m right. Just because you read about someone else here doesn’t mean that you’ve read the full story.

I should think that this is obvious, but given the fact that I’ve had trouble over things I’ve written, I thought I would make things clear.

It’s not my job to revise this journal to reflect “the truth”. This journal is not about truth. It is about feelings. It is about me. Who I am now, and who I was in the past. I will not remove old posts, or sections of old posts. Sorry.

If you are concerned that something I’ve written here is a poor reflection on you, then you may take one of the following actions:

  1. Post a comment refuting my statements, on the post in which the statements occurred, so that whoever reads that post later will see your rebuttal. I will not censor these. I do not censor my comments, just as I do not censor old, stupid things I have said.
  2. Email me, if you are concerned with your privacy, and ask me to add an addendum with further information to my post. I will do this gladly.
  3. Just ignore it, and respect people’s ability to understand that while this is a journal, my work here is not journalism.