v. tired.

I don’t know why, but I’ve always found the use of “v.” for “very” to be “v.” sophisticated. I think that’s why I don’t do it myself. My writing tends to be straightforward. I’ll put emotion into it, but I won’t put on airs.

In any case, my purpose in posting is just to say that Advil is great, and that I would have moped around the apartment all evening if it weren’t for Brooke. She called me at around 4 and said, “What are you doing?” When I responded that I was so bored that I was looking through the Box of Bunnies image gallery, she said, “Get your bike and let’s go to the Greeneway!”

While at first I laughed that laugh I use where I’m trying to think of how to respond–and in this case I was trying to think of what to say to get out of it–I ultimately realized that biking was just what I needed, especially after eating a freaking Quarter Pounder with Cheese. So I toted the bike downstairs and headed to North Augusta for the third day in a row :)

It was a good ride. I could have gone further, but I’m satisfied with what we did. My legs are pretty damn sore. While we rode my cramps weren’t all that noticeable, but they came back in full force once we were done, so when I got home I took two Advil. Ah, respite.

Brooke came over after taking her bike home and changing clothes, and we went to Mikoto for dinner. (Sean’s working 1 to 10 pm this week.) I used a $20 gift certificate, so we each ended up spending a very reasonable sum on what turned out to be an exorbitant amount of delicious food. God, I love Mikoto. (So much for those calories earned by the biking…all told, I went 738 calories over today ;P)

Complete Change of Gears: I may have a lead on how to make my template up in php/CSS for WordPress. Stay Tuned.

Also, I uploaded some pictures from Saturday. Enjoy! (Most of them aren’t that special, but there are a couple that are nice.)

Sacred Heart Cultural Center