What a bitch! and other miscellaneous items

So yeah, this woman needs to die.

A woman was charged with stealing money and other items in recent weeks by walking up to six elderly victims, giving them a big hug – and then stealing their wallets or other loose items in the process.

Solar Death Ray!

Here’s the story of two college buddies (well, not really; a guy and his former tutor). One’s now a teacher with no ethics, and the tutor ended up homeless. Does this seem fair?

The Civic Center wants our SPLOST money! I don’t know if I’m for this or against this. I mean, when I originally read about SPLOST, I read that it was supposed to be about new construction, to revitalize more of downtown and the riverfront. Then again, this makes sense:

Members say performers often pass on Augusta because of the condition of the venues.

They hope upgrading the building would boost downtown economy.

I remember the first time I saw the Civic Center. I believe my reaction was something like, “That old shack is still in use?” I guess 60s-70s architecture doesn’t age very well. The Bell, however, looks fine, in my opinion.

I would like at least one of these stools. I think they are neat. It would be cute to have two of them, one that said “heather” and one that said “sean” :)

After Cory Doctorow’s glowing review, I now wish to read Steven Gould’s Jumper and Reflex. (Sequels written from the perspective of the main book’s love interest are weird, in my opinion, but it seems to be working for the Thomas Covenant series…)

In other news, Amazon.com’s empty shopping cart message is cute:

Your Shopping Cart is empty.

Your Shopping Cart lives to serve. Give it purpose–fill it with books, CDs, videos, DVDs, toys, electronics, and more.

Validate me! the shopping cart cries.