Allergy stuff

WebMD has put out a list of the top cities for the worst spring allergies this year. (Here’s the actual list.) I’m sort of surprised by the results. I mean, first of all:

1. Lexington, Ky. (last year: 16)

And then we’ve got

27. Augusta, Ga. (last year: 2)

Does that even make sense? Did we have some crazy weather patterns this year, or what?

People always used to tell me that Augusta was the worst city in the United States for allergies, and that people who never had allergies before developed them when they moved to Augusta. That did seem to be the case with me. Lately I’ve felt like I’ve been adjusting…I haven’t had horrible migraines in awhile, and really the only allergy effect I’ve noticed is sneezing, which passes in a day or so. But could the adjusting simply be due to a shift in which cities have seen the worst allergy attacks?

And if that’s the case, am I going to start feeling terrible here in a day or two, since I’m in the top allergy city right now? ;P Maybe it’s a good thing I’m going home on Friday :>