Another family-time update

The treasure hunt was unsuccessful. We went to Jacobsen Park to look for a letterbox, but it was nowhere to be found. Faye said the area looked washed out from flooding, so maybe the box was swept away. Maybe it was taken by someone. Who knows what might have happened to it since it was first placed in 2003…

While Connor wasn’t all that upset that we didn’t find the letterbox, I was pretty disappointed. When I get home, I want to try and find the letterbox at Butt Bridge (god I love that name). Hopefully that one will actually be there.

However, the day wasn’t a total wash (ha, ha). Connor and Logan loved the playground area, and we did some good walking, and the forest trail where the letterbox was supposed to be was really pretty. (I’d like to ride my bike in there.)

Speaking of trails, Boone (backup guitar for the super-awesome metal band Battlecry) said there are great trails at Veteran’s Park, off South Point Road, off Nicholasville Road. I have no idea where that is, but I’d like to try and check it out before I go home.

We also had a nice picnic (of Wendy’s food; I had a salad) along the pond, and got to watch a guy catch a fish. After the park, we went back to AJ and Faye’s and played in the sprinklers and had a cookout. Mmm, hamburgers. And then we had popcorn and watched Mary Poppins, interrupted by my running back to the parents’ house to hear Battlecry play “Hands of Fate” and “Machine”. After that I watched two more episodes of Lost with AJ, including “Walkabout”, which is his favorite episode. It was amazing. I actually knew what was going to happen, due to unfortunately reading an article with a spoiler in it, but the way they did it was simply brilliant. I can see why that show has addicted my friends and family ;>

Today has been more sedate. I got up a little later than usual and didn’t even take a shower. I stayed in my bedclothes until after AJ arrived for work and Faye, Connor, and Logan came by to drop Logan off while Connor went to his screening for kindergarten. At that point I decided to change into some workout clothes, because I was thinking of trying to find Veteran’s Park and go biking. However, I never got around to that, instead catching up on some news and playing with Logan. While Logan napped, I websurfed and talked some with AJ. I also called the alumni association to see about setting up a time for career counseling, but I got an answering machine ;P I then sent an email, to which I have not received a reply.

When Logan woke up, I carried him down to where AJ and Dad were, and found that Ben was there too, and they were all three getting ready to paint posts for Grandma’s new fence. We all went outside, and not long after that Faye and Connor appeared through the fence. I headed back to their house with Faye, Connor, and Logan.

We ran through three sprinklers, getting thoroughly soaked, and then blew bubbles for awhile. Then we swang on the swingset while Connor sang a song that went something like, “X, I love you. X, you belong to me”, where X was “Heather”, “Mommy”, or “Logan”. The tune was a theme from a TV show, but he’d made the words up himself. Logan, on the other hand, kept saying “Truck!”, except he pronounces it more like “Twoo-AUCK”. That seems to be his favorite word. (Another extraordinarily cute thing about Logan is that when he answers in the affirmative, he doesn’t nod or say yes. He says “Sthure”.)

After that it was time for the boys’ dinner. I came back here instead of eating with them so I could spend some time with Mom :) On my way in I passed the boys (wait…which boys? My brothers, I mean), who had managed to paint 9 posts and were starting on the 10th. The fumes from the tar-like paint were pretty bad, and they were preparing to take a break. I made tentative plans with Ben to go driving around the countryside tomorrow.

And that’s it for now.