Anything to get the previous post below the fold…

So, this is just me, embarrassed by my previous post and trying to get it off the top of the page :> As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t delete stuff I’ve written, even if I feel really stupid about it afterwards. I’m like Eric Burns in that way.

I’m about to go for lunch, which will be nice. I like lunch. Lunch is good.

My last week here is going so, so slowly. Today feels like it really ought to be Friday. Alas.

I have a few documents I need to write up for my boss. He may find them surprising. I’ll give them to him on my last day, so I need to hurry up and do it. I’ll tell you guys what they are after I’ve given them to him.

I didn’t have any dreams last night, but I did keep hitting snooze. I didn’t ride my bike to work.

Funny thing–my alarm clock and Sean’s alarm clock somehow, magically, got switched to the proper time on Sunday. I have no idea how it happened. I have no recollection of changing the time on either of them. I remember changing the clock in the office, and the clock on the microwave, and noting that somehow the clock in the oven already had the right time on it. But Sean was still in bed then, so I didn’t go into the bedroom to change those clocks. How did they get changed?! I asked Sean if he did it, and he said no…

Hmm, is that enough text? I want to go have lunch :>