Career advising update

The career advisor is out of town this week, and only does interviews on Fridays, so I am staying through next Friday. I will be taking a Kiersey sorter and doing some “homework” before then, and then we will have a two hour session in which we will discuss my likes and personality and jobs that might be good for me, and how to get them, and stuff.

My homework is to list all the jobs I think I might like, and then go back and write pros and cons for all of them and find the job descriptions at the US Labor Department. I’m also supposed to ask 3-5 people who are close to me what kind of job they could see me doing.

I figured I could go ahead and ask everybody who reads my blog, too: what sort of job can you see me doing? What sort of job would you think I would enjoy/be good at?

(It’s like I’m copying off of Jazz! ;>)