Dude pisses me off

From AikenOnline:

Allen Brodie, a former chairman of the county’s Human Relations Board, said the city is promoting gay and lesbian lifestyles by erecting litter cleanup signs along Park Avenue that are sponsored by the “gay and lesbian community.”

“I do not believe (the sign) should be allowed in such a place of prominence,” he said. “It’s in the downtown district where children ask questions. We need to try and encourage the best quality of life we can.”

The signs should be placed in a more discreet location or removed altogether, he said.


Mr. Brodie, a past member of the Aiken County Council, insisted that moving the sign would not be discrimination. It’s unfair, he said, to force taxpayers to pay for the signs, which are purchased by the city.

Mr. Brodie said he didn’t mind parkway signs sponsored by groups such as the Garden, Rotary or Sertoma clubs. But the gay and lesbian sponsorship of a parkway crosses the line and becomes a moral issue, he said.

“This sign, to me, it falls in a different category,” he added.

What a dill-hole.