Eerie Catholic prophesy

Check out this prophesy concerning Pope Benedict XVI. The page has been removed from Catholic Planet (maybe it’s considered to be in bad taste, given current events), but here’s the Google cache. Here are a few choice bits:

The next Pope after John Paul II will take the name Pope Benedict XVI, in imitation of Saint Benedict and also of Pope Benedict XV. Just as Pope Benedict XV was an emissary of peace, so will Pope Benedict XVI be an emissary of peace. Just as Pope Benedict XV sought peace and spoke of peace and wrote papal documents seeking peace, so will Pope Benedict XVI do also. Just as Pope Benedict XV failed to achieve peace in the world, so will Pope Benedict XVI fail to achieve peace in the world. Just as the Pontificate of Benedict XV began prior to World War I, so will the Pontificate of Benedict XVI occur prior to World War III. After the Pontificate of Benedict XVI, World War III will begin. The Arab nations will threaten and attack the United States; they will threaten, attack, invade and conquer Europe; they will threaten, attack, invade and conquer the northern part of Africa. It is God’s will.


The Arabs forces will win World War III and will occupy a vast territory for many years. They will oppress and persecute Christians. In the 2030’s, this persecution will become very severe. The Arab forces will massacre many Christians. They will hunt down priests and religious and devout Catholics to imprison, torture, and kill them. Millions of Catholic Christians will be killed. This massacre will take place over several years.

In the mid to late 2030’s, in World War IV, the Allied nations will attack the lands occupied by the Arab forces. This war will be even more severe than World War III. Many nuclear weapons will be used. The Allies will win the war, at such great cost, and defeat the Arabs even in their own lands. One of the principle Allied leaders is called the great monarch. After the war is won, and after a series of extreme punishments from God upon the whole world, the great monarch will rule over a vast territory (over the lands previously occupied by the Arab forces). Beginning in A.D. 2040, the great monarch will rebuild this territory, and help rebuild the rest of the world, together with the Pope of that time, called the Angelic Shepherd.


There will be many Popes between the Pontificate of the Angelic Shepherd and the last Pope before the Return of Christ. Some of these will be holy, and some will be mediocre, and some will be sinners. The last Pope before the Return of Christ will be killed by the followers of the Antichrist about the year A.D. 2430. He will be killed, most likely in Rome, before the Antichrist gains power over the whole world. He will be killed about the time of a war between the kingdom of the North (Europe) and the kingdom of the South (Israel, the Middle East, northern Africa). The king of the South at that time will be a Catholic Christian.

There will be no more Popes on earth during the nearly seven years of the Antichrist’s reign over the world. No more Popes will be elected. The governments of the world, controlled by the Antichrist will not allow such an election. The Bishops of the world, those few who are not dead or imprisoned, will not be able to meet or communicate with one another to elect a new Pope. Actually, it is God’s will that no Pope be elected during this time, for Christ will Return at the end of the Antichrist’s reign to set everything in order and to begin a long period of peace and holiness on earth. The Church will be without a Pope for seven years prior to the Return of Christ. Christ is the true head of the one holy Catholic Church. The Pope is merely His servant and ours.

It’s good to know this stuff in advance, eh?