Generally what I’ve been up to

Thursday the 21st: Connor spent the night. We played with Little People. (The tall, voluptuous one with blond hair and the blue dress is me! Connor has five Aunt Heather Little People.)
Friday the 22nd: Got up early for a change, and played with Connor. My period started (two days late) and destroyed my mood. Went home with Connor, played outside with Connor and Logan, ate dinner with them, read two books to Connor, stayed up with AJ and Faye downstairs and watched goofy movies on
Saturday the 23rd: Got up at 1:30 pm. Yeah, so much for a normal schedule. Watched 7th Heaven, Charmed, and Smallville with Mom. Ate steak. Went to Audra and Matt’s house and hung out with them and Jeremiah, Leslie, and Luke. Ate s’mores, chips, and pizza, and played Scene It and Taboo. Made a big deal about how I haven’t seen any movies, then answered lots of movie trivia questions correctly. (Go me.)

Audra, I promised to give you the link to our family picture site, but I don’t have your email address here, so I’m just putting a link in this post and hoping you’ll see it. If you don’t see it, then either you’ll email me asking for it, or I’ll just send it to you next week when I’m at home.

Here’s the link.

See, I told you that URL was ridiculous.