Growing up

In a post entitled “A kind of obsolescence“, Eric Burns writes the following:

When you grow up, Christmas becomes more exciting for what you’re getting for others than for what you’re getting. Your birthday becomes vaguely embarrassing. You walk through toy stores and see more and more things you want to buy because they’re ironic, and fewer and fewer things you want to buy because they’re cool.

And eventually, your computers become boxes that run your software. When they can’t run your software any more, you get a new one. Until then, who needs it?

That’s so sad, in a way.

I actually think that’s neat. While I’m not one of the “must have the latest and coolest” types, I do have my own childish wants and desires. It’s heartening to me to think that someday I will look forward to Christmas because of what I’ll be giving to others. I like that thought. I think I’m already on the road to that–Christmas presents aren’t much of a big deal to me anymore. The only problem is that I haven’t been buying presents for other people. ;>