Last day

So Blogger has a recover lost posts feature now. Given the fact that their site is down all the freaking time, this is handy. I guess I may find out if it actually works or not soon enough. (Unless I finally manage to shift to WordPress this weekend. If not this weekend, I definitely plan to get it done while I’m in Kentucky.)

Blogger was down all last night, and it seemed to be down this morning. I have a vitriolic post I want to put up, and I will as soon as I’m able. I don’t have it with me so I can’t post it now. When I do post it, I’ll back-date it to when I wrote it, which was yesterday at 4:30 pm. Watch for it ;P

As I got out of the car this morning and put my key card in my mouth so my hands would be free to grab my stuff and open the car door, I thought, “This is the last time I’ll put this key card in my mouth.” Aww.


Actually, I think it is really cute that I put the key card in my mouth. It brought me a certain measure of delight every time I did it. It reminded me of little anime girls with huge eyes and small mouths delicately nibbling on stuff.

Speaking of cute things, there was this little girl last night at the restaurant (Brooke and I went to Boll Weevil) who said “Ma-Maaaa?!” with this rising intonation that turned into a squeal. I cannot express to you how utterly repulsive that was. It was like they had trained her to act cutesy or something. Every time I heard it it was like ice picks being jammed into my ears.

Maybe she is just naturally cutesy. Maybe it’s part of her personality. Regardless, it was freaking annoying.

This is the last day. God. I can’t believe it.

It couldn’t have come sooner, that’s for sure.