Leaving on a high note

Two posts from yesterday have been posted to Blogger. Now, will they actually appear on my site? Let’s find out!


My last day of work was actually good, with both productivity and some nice surprises.

Robert didn’t come in until, like, 10:30! I got so much accomplished ;> He gave me a few other jobs, and I did them. Then we had the following conversation:

“Do you have anything else?”

“No….But I’m going to have food here at 4:00 for you.”

“You are?” This completely shocked me. “Wow.”

“Yeah. I mean if you want to do that.”

“Sure. That’s so nice!”

“I didn’t know if you would want to, since yesterday you were a little irritated…”

“I was. I was a lot irritated.”

“But yeah, I want to do that.”

“Okay, cool.”

Robert got his dopey smile and said, “I’ll keep you busy!”

This was another surprise, as I had interpreted his earlier “No” to mean that he didn’t have anything for me to do, so I would be leaving and then coming back at 4. “Doing what?” I said.

He seemed to pause before going into one of his elaborate explanations of why he’s doing something. It didn’t really bother me this time, I guess because of the idea that he wanted to throw me a goodbye party. Finally he got around to the point: he wanted me to purchase and install some software and figure out how it worked, then train him on it.


I don’t know if he was expecting more resistance from me or what, but he seemed relieved.

I got to work, buying and downloading and installing, and then I played around with the software some (it’s really easy), and then it occurred to me that he must have come up with the idea to have a goodbye party just to convince me to stick around until 4, so he could get me to do this work.

The incredulous laugh came back. I mean, I would have done the work anyway (he obviously didn’t understand what had made me angry yesterday). But it also would mean he wanted someone* to train him that much. That he didn’t trust his own ability to learn.

*(Not just “someone”, but me. Ah, ego.)

But I laughed mostly to myself–he was in the other room–and kept at it. Because, hey, I was wooed by food. And also, it was my last day, and I was happy.

Well, it turned out that he had actually proposed having some sort of party last week. I do think he mentioned the party before he mentioned the work in the hopes that I wouldn’t reject the work…but I can’t think of him as completely evil, knowing that he’d planned in advance ;> (And also that he didn’t change his mind after yesterday’s hissy fit.)

He bought sushi(!), and Audrey brought a cake(!), and we–me, Audrey, Kim, Teri, and Robert–sat around eating and talking. It was actually a really nice time :) Bob stopped in to eat some cake, and he gave me a hug and kissed the top of my head and said, “We’ll miss you around here!” (I promptly felt like an asshat.)

They gave me a card, too…and Robert wrote some really nice stuff in it, including that I should ask him if I ever need anything. Audrey wrote that while they will miss my knowledge and expertise, they will really miss me.

I don’t know if I ever felt that appreciated at 2go-Box before. It was a nice way to leave.