My hands and wrists hurt

Just got back from AJ’s, where he and Faye and I played quite a few rousing games of Mario Kart 64. First we played through all the levels, including the Extra (backwards) levels, in 3-way Versus mode. Then we took turns playing the 150cc cups: me and AJ on Mushroom, then me and Faye on Mushroom, then AJ and Faye on Mushroom; me and AJ on Flower, then me and Faye on Flower, and finally AJ and Faye on Flower. It took forever, especially since we kept getting below 4th place in Flower Cup and having to redo the levels. By the time we were done it was almost 3 am.

We ate popcorn, and we cussed at and trash-talked each other like crazy. (I think my potential for vulgarity still surprises them. Also, Faye was very amused by the term “asshat”.)

What a great time :D