Today and yesterday, not in chronological order

When I first woke up this morning, it might have been a decent hour. However, I rolled over and slept until around 11.

I futzed on my laptop a little and ate some oatmeal. Then I had a small cinnamon roll. Then Mom and I went out to the bank, Sunshine Grow Shop, and Wendy’s, for money, herbs, and Dad’s lunch respectively. When we got back I messed on the computer some more (I was trying to fill out that survey) and then Connor came over. I played with him (on the computer, then hide and seek in the basement, then listening together to band practice) until he had to go home for dinner at 7. I hung out with the band for another hour or so, and then they broke for the day and I headed back with AJ to his house to see Connor before bedtime. I ended up doing a lot of spinning around in a circle with him and Logan. I mean a lot. Logan kept smiling up at me, “Hand?” and grabbing my hand, even when he was so tired/dizzy that he kept falling over when he tried to run in a circle. It was so cute. I don’t know if he remembers who I am, or if he is just a really really friendly child.

He is a sweetiepie, whichever it is.

I read two books to Connor (The Ant and the Elephant and And To Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street), and then the boys went to bed. I settled in and watched the Lost pilot with AJ. I actually can’t remember if we watched the next episode or not. It’s a neat show, but also very weird. Definitely interesting. Lots of loose ends that I’m looking forward to seeing explored, if not tied up completely.

It was sad to see Weiss bite it, though.

I also would like to admit to getting really uncomfortable during the more tense scenes. You know me and tension…:P

After that it was 11 pm, so I came home and played pool with Dad for awhile. After he’d won his third game (I’d only managed to win one), I gave up. We listened to some music, and I played basketball on Connor’s new (well, Christmas new) ESPN Game Station. Then I finally came upstairs and read today’s webcomics, and now here I am.

And I’m really thirsty. Think I’ll go get a glass of water.

Ahhhh. Much better.

My drive was okay. It could have been better. There’s this one spot (in either Knoxville or Chattanooga, for some reason I can’t remember) where there has been construction going on literally for years. I can sense it on approach now. Everyone starts slowing down, and then suddenly traffic is at a standstill. It goes at a crawl for miles and miles. I actually took a picture of the reason for the problem. After a long time, you get to a point where all traffic (five lanes or so) is forced to merge into two lanes. I believe at one point it all went into one lane, so I guess that’s progress. There’s a big crane there, and I guess they are still working on that side of the road. I’d show you the picture, but it’s still on my camera, and my camera is in the other room, and when I leave this room and go in there it will be to go to sleep, not to make more work for myself. So there you go. ;P

The second big thing that annoyed me about my drive was going on a wild goose chase near the Knox County border (also in Tennessee). I saw a sign that said there was a Chick-Fil-A at the next exit, so I went on the exit. I followed the sign that told me to turn left. And then I just kept driving and driving and driving. Finally the road came out at a big shopping center. I looked around and still didn’t see the Chick-Fil-A. I thought that maybe it was down the road some, so I turned right. I drove and drove and drove and didn’t come across it, so I decided to give up and get back on I-75. There was a sign that said “To I-75”. It also had a little white sign on it that said “ALT”. I followed the sign.

I drove for a long, long time, following the ALT signs. I wondered where, exactly, the road would reveal an exit to I-75. I passed rug shops, places selling statues, old country stores, and other ancient structures that would have thrilled me had I not been hungry and worried about finding my way back to the interstate. I also went over a neat bridge and through a small town center. After a very long time of this I finally decided to just turn around and go back the way I came, because I knew that would lead to 75.

When I finally made it back to that shopping center, I got in the turn lane to go back towards the highway. Sighing with relief and resignation, I gazed across the intersection and waited for the light to change.

There, right in front of me, was the freaking Chick-Fil-A.

So I managed to get over there and got myself a nice sandwich, fruit cup, and Diet Coke. Then I called Mom and complained to her about my ordeal. After that, I went inside, changed my shirt (it was too hot for long sleeves at this point) and bought myself an ice cream cone.

The rest of the trip was fine. I had to stop in Jellico for gas, which is right before the Kentucky state line. Crossing that, I noticed the new signs indicating Ernie Fletcher as governor. There was also a big sign that said “Kentucky: Unbridled Spirit”. So I guess that’s the new state slogan, eh? I kind of wish I’d gotten a picture, because the signs looked fairly neat.

After a zillion more miles of driving, I got into town and headed to Grandma’s house. She and Uncle Steve were there. I sat and visited with them for awhile. Both of them were looking really good, a lot better than they’d been awhile ago. We talked a little and then went into the yard and walked around some. I took pictures of the flowering plants, of course.

Finally it was time to head home. I headed down New Circle to Harrodsburg, since Nicholasville had been backed up due to a car wreck. Harrodsburg is now four lanes for quite a stretch, well past Southland Christian Church. This is nice and weird at the same time.

Turning onto 169, I admired the rolling green hills dotted with farmhouses and horses and trees, and said aloud, “I love this. I hope it always stays like this.” I don’t know if it can. New developments are cropping up all over the place closer to the bypass and across the street from my parents’ house. But for now, the road is really beautiful.

I kind of wish I’d gotten a picture of the “Welcome to Nicholasville” sign, too, because it looked pretty with the flowering white tree next to it, surrounded by green fields and blue sky.

And then I was finally home.

I spent some time with Mom first, and we talked awhile out in the swing in the backyard, watching the dogs loaf around the yard (and the lawn mower guy accidentally plow straight down the neighbor’s hill and through the fence). I went and read a book to Connor and said good night to him, and then came back and ate some spaghetti that Mom had very kindly made for me. We watched TV together, and had some dessert too (a neat fruit and sour cream mixture, and then–horror–yellow cake with chocolate icing). And finally I called Sean, told him good night, and went to bed.

Tomorrow, Connor and Faye and I (and maybe Logan?) are going on a treasure hunt. I’ll supply more details after the fact :)

For now, it is time for sleeeeeeeeeeep.