Today’s agenda

  1. Laundry
    Status: 1 load done, 1 load in dryer, 1 load in washer, 1 load waiting.
  2. Dishes
    Status: Washed and waiting to be put away.
  3. Writing
    Status: Planning to spend a professional amount of time (e.g., as long as I can go strong before I start to lose my steam) writing. In The War of Art, Steven Pressfield states that his time is about four hours. Mine will probably be less, since I’m not in the habit of doing it every day yet.
  4. Japanese
    Status: For today, I’m going to spend equal time organizing materials and studying. I’ll start with the organizing, because I love organizing, and I’ll time myself. However long I spend organizing my study materials will then have to be spent doing actual studying.
  5. Photography
    Status: I want to get more pictures of the spring blossoms before they’re all gone. I plan to bike down Walton Way and the residential side of Wheeler.

Hmm. Is that too much stuff? It’s already 2:15…