Because I’m a bitch

Xeni Jardin of BoingBoing excerpted a bit of a cool NYT article…and left the image caption in as if it were part of the article text.

In case she revises, here’s what she posted. I’ve italicized the image caption.

Laleh Seddigh stepped on the gas, cut off a truck and blasted her Peugeot between two other cars. “I prefer to drive by myself,” she said, seeing her passenger steadying himself with a hand on the dash. “In case something happens – it’s a very big responsibility.”
“I like competition in everything,” Laleh Seddigh said. “I have to move whatever is movable in the world.” With that, she broke around a blue pickup, accelerated past an Oldsmobile and swerved onto an offramp, past a billboard of Ayatollah Khomeini and a 30 kilometer an hour speed-limit sign, doing 80 k.p.h., or just under 50 miles an hour. Ms. Seddigh loves speed. She also loves a challenge. Last fall, she petitioned the national auto racing federation in this male-dominated society for permission to compete against men. When it was granted, she became not only the first woman in Iran to race cars against the opposite sex, but also the first woman since the Islamic Revolution here to compete against men in any sport. What’s more, she beat them.

“I like competition in everything,” the striking 28-year-old said after parking the car and going for tiramis? in a cafe in North Tehran. “I have to move whatever is movable in the world.”

I investigated this because it was shocking to me that copy editors at the NYT would let the same quote be placed twice in the same article, within a paragraph of each other. Of course, it turned out that that wasn’t the case.

Moral of this story: Copy and paste is dangerous!

[Edit 5:35pm: As expected, she edited ;D]