End of the Darth Side

In one last, moving post, Darth Vader–Anakin Skywalker–ties together his past, present, and future just before he goes off to his death.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, and all the others.

Interestingly, this post also brings forward an interpretation of “balance of the Force” that I hadn’t thought of. (I know…that’s scary.)

…And yet, there is my son with Shmi in his eyes — a product of love, before the storm. He is no Jedi, for his passion blows too hot, but perhaps he is not Sith, either. He is an instrument of change. He is the catalyst at the centre, the fulcrum on which pivot fates. To see him is to be blinded by the glory of the Force that orbits him like living netting.

It had never occurred to me before that Luke’s version of “Jedi” might be the balance. (I’m not even sure if that was the intent of that line–it could simply be pointing out that Luke’s still hotheaded.)

Either way, bravo, CheeseburgerBrown. It’s difficult to take someone with a name like “CheeseburgerBrown” seriously, but you make it simple. You demand our respect through your provocative, poignant prose.

I salute you.