Exploring Bartram Trail

On Saturday, April 2, I went to the Augusta Canal Trail. I rode my bike down to the bridge where the trail goes over the canal, to the section that is apparently under construction. (If anyone knows when it’ll be finished, I’d love to find out.) New Bartram Trail appears there, of course.

I decided to go down into the dirt road and see what I could see. I found that New Bartram Trail extends back away from the road. I chose to go forwards, towards downtown. Staying on the road instead of on the bike path above made little difference, except that I was on the other side of the train tracks.

Both paths come out right at Sibley Mill. When I got there, I rode up past the mill instead of turning right like I did before, and I discovered that Broad Street is right there. I followed Broad until I saw more signs for the Augusta Canal Trail, which I followed to its terminus at Riverwalk. From Riverwalk, I decided to find out where New Bartram Trail went, as it also starts/ends there. So I biked along that path until I got to 13th Street, where I was somewhat stymied by the altogether too confusing signage. Eventually (after much circling) I discovered that the signs are simply there to tell you to cross the street legally, as a pedestrian, to get to the rest of the trail, which is directly across the street. That trail leads down to the Rivers Edge community entrance, and abruptly stops. There are no signs saying where to go, or even that the trail even exists. So when I got to that point, and was stuck there staring at Riverwatch Parkway wondering where I was supposed to go, I was pretty disappointed. I had hoped to find a different path over the canal. Finally I had to turn left and head back to Broad so that I could get over the canal and back on the trail.

There ended up being no way to continue on Bartram Trail past the lock/dam area beyond Rivers Edge, but I enjoyed the long ride nonetheless. While I was out I saw an older man and woman, the woman wearing a blue jean skirt, biking down the path leading to the Savannah Rapids Pavilion. I thought they were very cute, biking together.