First full day of interning

I was ubertired due to Revenge of the Sith, but I made it to the office on time at 8 am this morning. First order of business was paperwork–I made sure I didn’t sign away my soul, but I did note that I’m not allowed to discuss company business practices for two full years after my internship is over. This is obviously to protect their trade secrets; I just think it’s funny.

I also think it’s great that they have that policy. In fact, they have lots of good policies. I won’t go into them, because they might be trade secrets or something, but let me tell you that it is refreshing to have everything spelled out. I much prefer knowing what is expected of me to having to haggle with my boss every day.

Today I did a lot more with Illustrator than I did yesterday. I actually did draw some designs. Some of them aren’t half bad. I hope the art director likes them. She did say that I have a good eye for laying out text (or something to that effect), but she wanted me to make my logos more logo-ish. Hopefully I at least partially succeeded today. By the time I go back next Thursday, she will have looked at the nine or ten logos I put together today, so hopefully I’ll get some good feedback.

(I’m pretty sure that telling you what I did today isn’t a trade secret, because it’s all stuff I chose to do. You never know, though; let’s cross our fingers.)

For lunch I was going to carry my food over to the Augusta Common, but the company president (who I met while I was standing there waiting on the microwave to finish my frozen dinner) suggested I head to Riverwalk and sit on a bench in front of the river. So I did, and it was quite nice :) I took a couple of pictures while I was out there, and got back to the office just as it started raining.

Despite being extraordinarily tired, especially after lunch, I got a lot accomplished today, and I really feel like I’m getting the hang of Illustrator. Yay me!