I am so happy

My self-study at the ad agency is going well. I pretty much know my way around Illustrator, and today I’ve worked through the entire A Preview to QuarkXPress, which consists of five long exercises whose purpose is to familiarize the reader with all the functions. I’m looking forward to mastering all the software, so I can move on to design theory.

I also got a callback today concerning a job I keep telling everyone I should get. I have an interview tomorrow.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

I hope I get it. I need to get it. And I hope if I do get it that there will be a way for me to continue my internship at the agency, because I am really enjoying it. The environment is great, the people are fun and friendly, and I have access to scads of learning materials. So here’s hoping :)

And after a nice relaxing lunch at Riverwalk, it’s back to work!