I don’t particularly want to be awake right now.

When Sean came to bed earlier, I woke up, and we snuggled a little. Then he fell asleep, and I lay there for a long time, but couldn’t do the same.

I got up and closed the window and deck door and turned on the AC, thinking that maybe I was just too hot. But I still couldn’t sleep. I’d left something undone, and my gut was giving me hell about it.

When I’d finally had enough of my twisting insides, I got up and dealt with the thing. Now I’m just going back and forth to the same websites, bored. I am chatting with Hai, which is good, and Jered’s also on and we’ve exchanged a few pleasantries. Nice to know he’s still alive :> But for the most part, I’m not doing anything worthwhile. Just sitting here surfing, with Naruto OST 3 in the background.

I’d like to go back to bed, but I’m not sure if I would be able to get to sleep.

Today I applied for an internship in graphic design via email. I also made a couple of calls, the first to the company offering the internship and the second to the local paper asking if an internship there as a copy editor is possible. I didn’t speak with a person either time, so I hope my voice mail messages weren’t horrible. I’ll try calling again tomorrow, I suppose.

Don turned me on to a meeting of the local advertisers’ association that’s happening this Thursday, so I RSVPed for it and will attend, resumes in hand. I hope I can find something interesting to do that involves design, and that won’t require me to go back to school. I’m getting the feeling that I will need to go back anyway, but I would like to be able to get some sort of job in the meantime. (And, you know, not abhor it.)

I rearranged my desk yesterday. Here are some pics:

Yes, lovely wires. I don’t care. :P I’m just happy to have that hutch moved back some. It makes me feel less claustrophobic. It also means I can now look immediately to my left and see a calendar, which I think will really help my scheduling issues. (I still haven’t found any calendar software that works for me.)

The wall over the rest of my desk and the server and the area around the four drawer filing cabinet seems really empty now. Not sure what I want to do about that, if anything.