I’m getting better

Last night I stayed up until around 4 am. Around 2 or 3 I started having this huge craving for pizza. I drooled about it to all my friends who were online at the time. I didn’t eat anything else, though.

Tonight I ordered pizza. Like a moron, I ordered two of them. I’m not sure why. I guess I just wanted to eat and eat and eat. But I ate two pieces…and I’m not really hungry anymore. Oh, I could eat more, but I don’t need to.

So I decided not to, and put the pizzas away in the fridge.


I’m finally below the weight I’d arbitrarily decided was my crutch–the weight I’ve been trying to beat since March. (I got very, very close on March 22, but after that I kept bouncing back up and down.) I am really proud of myself for finally getting past it–and I want to stay past it, and keep going down. With that goal in mind, two slices of pizza is more than enough. (It helps that I have been eating properly for the past week, which always makes it easier to distinguish between hunger and appetite.)

So, yay. Here’s hoping I can keep it up!