More newsbits

This safe and clean method of melting the tips of used needles is a great idea. (Via BoingBoing.)

I wonder if this would be helpful to me. I don’t inhale my food, but maybe eating slower would mean I would eat less. Dunno.

So, things in Iraq are looking lovely as usual. It’s a difficult situation to deal with day-to-day, which may be why the Army and the Marine Corps aren’t meeting their recruitment goals. Additionally, there are lots of young people who disagree with the war, and who therefore would never sign up. There are also plenty of people who don’t feel like they owe anyone anything–that they are simply entitled to everything they have. This kind of person might join the military in peacetime, for the benefits, but would never put his life in danger by signing up during a war. (And don’t think I’m just being harsh and judgmental here; I’m not sure that I would sign up, if I was a guy. I feel those emotions too.)