Nature vs. Nurture and the Skywalkers

CNN has a neat article up entitled “Was Darth Vader born bad?” It provides insight into the characters of Luke and Anakin from Lucas, Christensen, Steven Spielberg, and even a child psychologist.

“However Luke managed to become selfless, because he wasn’t really trained in the same way a Jedi would be trained, but in the end, when push came to shove, he made a decision to be selfless,” Lucas said. “He did not want the power to control the universe. He didn’t want to be the emperor’s right hand. He didn’t want to destroy his father, and he refused to go along with the program.”

Put simply, Han Solo once carped at Luke, “Don’t get cocky.”

Luke got the message. Anakin didn’t.

“I think it comes from someone’s obsession and someone’s ambition, letting their ambition get the better of them,” Christensen said. “That’s something that Luke didn’t really have. Although he had this sense of wanting to have something bigger, leave Tatooine and all that.

“But Anakin believed the hype. He thought he was the chosen one. That’s a much different level of wanting something more. Absolute power, that’s not something Luke wanted.”