[Today I decided to look through my Drafts, because I remembered that there was a post in there that I’d never finished. Come to find out, there were four! So here’s the first one, originally written September 11, 2004, at 2:13 pm.]

I’m not really the type who gets nicknames. My friend Mat used to call me “Heathery” (and “fossil”…thanks, Mat). AJ called me “Heath” a few times, and when I was bald he called me “Professor”. But really, for the most part people just call me by my name, and that’s fine with me.

Brooke, however, is an exception. She has called me by some pretty amazing nicknames, and today I feel like recounting as many of them as I can find in my chat logs.

So here they are!

“Hea Hea”, all the time; this was probably the first nickname
“my bosom friend”, all the time; I call her this too, because we are bosom friends (and we both love Anne of Green Gables)
“girl” or “girlie”, all the time; but she does this with all girls
“the devil woman”, March 19, 2004 (did she read Kevin’s mind?)
“my buttercup”, March 19, 2004
“Hever”, April 7, 2004
“my little purple puff-a-lump”, August 13, 2004
“kiddo”, September 7, 2004
“my lil poppet”, September 7, 2004
“sweet pea”, September 7, 2004
“my lil cupcake”, September 8, 2004
“my lil donut hole”, today
“my lil cream puff”, today

Apparently recently, I am her “lil [insert cute or delicious object here]”.