Okay, I’m irritated

So, you can style input boxes, buttons, and scrollbars, but you can’t style drop-down lists.

In other words, I can put a cool flat color border around my searchbox, but I can’t (say) style a drop-down menu of my archives in the same way. No, instead, the drop-down will garishly reflect my operating system. Right now I have the “Rose” theme on in Win2K, so you can imagine how those colors would clash with my blog template.

Why are drop-downs constrained by the OS?

The only way around this problem, apparently, is to give up on using <select> at all, and construct an elaborate menu using CSS and JavaScript. This is all well and good, but I’m not sure if that will work with WordPress’ get_archives Template Tag.

Why can’t I be happy with just using a default template? :>