Outcast, Unclean

Battlecry (my favorite band ;>) has a song called “Outcast, Unclean” that was inspired by Thomas Covenant from Steven R. Donaldson’s Unbeliever books. The song’s a tribute; they didn’t set out to capitalize on Donaldson’s achievement. So they worried about what Donaldson would think, and actually wrote him to ask permission to release the song on their upcoming album.

Well, it took awhile, but Donaldson actually responded–and his answer is very cool:

I always feel flattered and gratified when people find inspiration for their own creativity in my work. I believe that even the most vicious of lawyers could not find fault with your “use” of my work. And I encourage you (belatedly, I know) to go ahead with your CD.

Awesome. “Outcast, Unclean” is probably my favorite Battlecry song. The CD wouldn’t be whole without it!

(Once I get my shit together and finish Battlecry’s website, I’ll link it. There, you’ll be able to view lyric sheets, CD liner art, and photos of the band. Later, you’ll get to buy the CD itself, or individual tracks as mp3. There will also be some bitchin’ music videos. Yes. Bitchin’. I am sure my lameness has embarrassed AJ beyond all mortal comprehension.)