The week of slacking and overeating

So, I haven’t really done anything this week. I did finally do the dishes and get the laundry put away today. Oh, and I showered. That’s an achievement.

I’m finding myself more and more uncertain about my future, both in the long term and in the very very short term.

I’m also finding myself wishing I was in Japan, so desperately that it hurts sometimes. Which is ridiculous. I think I must love it too much. I’ve idealized it. If I ever do get back over there, you watch–I’ll hate it, or something, because I’ve convinced myself it’s the only way I can be happy.

I wonder if I can get a job at a photo lab or with a photographer or something. Presumably I would then learn stuff that I’m interested in.

Bleh. Why don’t all college degree programs mold you into the perfect candidate for a job, so you can pop right into one upon graduation?