Too many photos

Okay, so I have finally uploaded all the pictures I’ve been taking recently. I haven’t tagged or captioned them or anything, but I thought you’d like to see them regardless.

The first set, Augusta Canal Trail/Waterfall Trail, is what happened when I decided to check out the trail off to the right of the Pavillion, instead of heading to the left and over the bridge. I found a little waterfall!

stream coursing down towards the canal

My former coworker Audrey had told me there was a waterfall near the canal, but I’d forgotten about that, thought I’d never find it. So this was a nice surprise. The trail continued on into the woods, circling around for awhile before finally coming out at the other end of the parking lot. It’s a short, pretty hike.

The next new gallery is North Augusta Greeneway Expansion, which shows the all-new trail that extends off from the Greeneway, along the river, and back to those huge waterfront houses. Brooke and I discovered it on our most recent ride to the Greeneway; we decided to go down towards the golf course and check out the construction, but instead of just a dead end we found a brand new trail! It’s a beautiful ride that includes two bridges and lots of pretty forest. (And did I mention it runs along the river?!)

13th Street/Georgia Avenue bridge over the Savannah River

The third new gallery is Augusta Canal Trail/Construction. The canal is beautiful at this time of year, and I was really excited about getting some pictures of the lush greenery. I even managed some decent pictures of the quarry this time!

the quarry

Two eventful things also occurred.

Towards the beginning of my ride, I stopped to take some photos and got very close to a cottonmouth without realizing it. When he moved, I glanced down, muttered an expletive, and took his picture. (For an idea of his size, note that his head is just off-camera in the top left hand corner of that shot.) He slithered off back into the waters of the canal, and I went on my way.

The second thing, which was not life-threatening and was in fact very cool, was that I discovered that the Augusta Canal construction has moved along quite a bit. The pumping station is seeing a lot of action, but I was more concerned with–and pleased about–the work on the other side of the canal.

You’ll recall last winter when I explored (and photographed) the muddy, barren landscape that lay beyond the bridge over the canal, wondering what it was going to turn into. Well, now I know that it is indeed the Canal Trail extended–the trail is there and open to the public. It’s a dirt path, and there are still construction machines all around, but it looks totally different now from the way it used to.

I found out that it comes out right across the canal from Sibley Mill–in other words, right across from where the New Bartram Trail comes out. A family who was walking along the trail ahead of me went up onto the bridge at Sibley and headed back on the other side, but I just turned around and went back the way I’d come.

Sibley Mill

The last new gallery consists of some shots I took before my internship work and during my lunchbreak today. There are pictures of (what else?) the Lamar building, as well as lots of Riverwalk shots. It was totally beautiful out, which accounted for my lovely mood thereafter.

the Lamar building