Two things, both concerning "new media"

The first thing is that I think the use of “[sic]” for misspelled words and badly worded phrases might be passe. This is because the only reason it’s used is to indicate to your reader that it isn’t your typo. When quoting text on the Internet, though, that’s obvious, because you didn’t retype it, you copied and pasted it.

Oh well. I think I’ll probably keep using it, because I like it, and I’m an elitist bastard.

[Note: I don’t think “bitch” and “bastard” are analogues.]

The second thing is pretty much me being annoyed with Google, MSN, and Yahoo. I was searching for the post in which I mentioned the Japanese funerals. I searched for “pixelscribbles funeral” in all three of those search engines, with no results. What did I end up having to use? AJ’s favorite search engine, Searchalot.

I mean, no one ever talks about Searchalot. Searchalot isn’t in the news. So why is it better at finding stuff I’ve written than the so-called top search engines?

I assume Google hadn’t indexed my April posts yet. But maybe it had, and maybe it left that post out of its index. Maybe posts on my blog don’t warrant finding in searches. Which sort of sucks ass, considering that I like people to read what I write. (And hell, if it’s just a matter of being slow on indexing, then that means people will find my posts only when they’re old and stale. Lame.)

If people aren’t going to be able to find stuff I’ve written with the major search engines, then I guess I should work harder at advertising myself. :P