Another Japan blog

Eventually my day will be nothing but reading Japan blogs. That day may not actually be too far off.

Today JP at Japundit linked to Miyakonojo, the blog of Miklos Fejer, an EFL teacher in Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki Prefecture.

(JP’s post is hilarious, by the way; it includes the following: “Jack [Bauer] has been appearing in a Japanese TV commercial … for Calorie Mate, a bland cookie that’s packed with all the vitamins and minerals that a tough CTU operative needs to replenish energy used up by jumping out of helicopters as he barks into his cell phone.”)

Miklos’ blog is funny and interesting (as you might have expected), so I’m subscribing (as if you couldn’t figure that out). Here’s a memorable quote from a post about a headache:

A suppository.

“For a headache?” I asked. “It’s not me arse that’s the problem, it’s me noggin’!”

Yeah, she says, it’ll cure you right up.

But the look on my face told her I wasn’t going for it.

“I’ll do it for you,” she says, patting me on the knee and giving me a reassuring look and then went back to her chicken.

I had many questions for her. Why do they make headache medicine in suppository form? Why did she have it on her? Why did she think I would be happier having her give it to me than doing my own self?

It reminded me of the time I ate that curry in Taipei and David London, the kind man that he is, bought me some “special” medicines which I had to politely decline, but the whole thing backfired on me when a doctor at the San Joaquin County Hospital decided to give me a rectal exam and then a nurse walked in mid-way and you don’t want to know how that story ended and jeez for the love of God doesn’t anybody have an aspirin?!