Feelings of helplessness reflected in a dream?

Last night I dreamed I was part of some sort of roleplay. (As is usual in my roleplay dreams, everything was a LARP. I guess that’s because dreams are so visual…)

I had chosen to be the ship captain, but nobody would do what I said. I kept running around the deck yelling at the crew to hurry up and do the things that needed to get done, but they all ignored me. Eventually, AJ, who was the GM, pulled me aside and asked me why I had to be the captain. I said it was because I liked being in charge and having my decisions make a difference. He then suggested I could be a monkey in a cage belonging to one of the other characters. I asked him how in the world that would allow my decisions to carry weight in the game, and he said, “I’ll make sure you have influence.”

I wasn’t buying it.