Hot. Lunch. No batteries. Ennui.

I designed a logo today, and it is totally cool. (No word yet on whether or not it will actually be used, but it is cool, I tell you.)

It’s really hot today. I took off my overshirt and shoes to eat lunch under the canopy at the mini-stage at Riverwalk. While I was there, a huge group of children came by, and then that group of regular exercisers arrived to do their leg lifts. I managed somehow to not get kicked in the head.

When I finished eating, I walked around taking pictures for awhile. Unfortunately, I ran out of batteries rather quickly, so I couldn’t take pictures of all the pretty flowers I kept seeing. I was obsessed with this weird bird–I guess it was some kind of duck, all black with a short white bill–and I used the digital zoom to get pictures of it, and that chewed right through the AAs.


I headed up to Broad Street to see if I could find some batteries, to no avail. At that point I lost the desire to explore any further (it’s so hot), so I ended up coming back to the office a little early.

Is it just me, or is it extraordinarily irritating to have to stay in one place (that isn’t your home) for eight hours? Nine when you add in the lunch. I mean, come on. I want to be going places if I’m not at home.