It’s one of those days where I feel capable of nothing.

As I was sitting on a bench at Riverwalk, along the river, a dozen or so people in shorts and tank tops jogged up and started doing huge stepping exercises on the small stage right next to me. It was a fitness class of some sort. My heart isn’t really in talking about it, but it was strange and interesting, so I thought I would at least mention it.

Bugs kept getting on me and my lunch today.

This morning, I felt very timid. I didn’t feel comfortable with coming in. I didn’t feel as if I were up to doing anything.

I ended up helping with a mockup for my supervisor’s presentation today, and I did fine. I got to use Exacto knives. Whee. I felt a lot happier about that before I was given two projects, one huge one that will “keep me busy for awhile” and one that is due today. Obviously I can’t give any details on any of this, but I wanted to explain two things. The first is that I know I can do these things, if I can just calm down and work through them and figure out what I need to do. The second is that I am scared of messing up, and I just want to go home.

Lunch didn’t really help, so I cut it short and came back to the office.