Kyou Kara Maou-gasm

Mmmh…Kyou Kara Maou 44 was kind of disappointing after 42 and 43. I’m not really into the whole “wise child”/”800 year old person who looks like a child” thing to begin with, but this was such a filler episode. 43 was, too, but I dunno, it was more interesting. Plus, it wasn’t totally random. Also, it didn’t feature Conrad running around pointlessly.

(I have to say, it is weird to watch filler episodes with Conrad acting like nothing ever happened.)

I may go back and watch 42 again, though :> Because it was cool!

I mean, we finally get to meet Yuuri’s brother Shori. (Should I just give in and spell it “Yuri” like everyone else does now?) And Shori is very cool, and he knows what’s really going on, and he’s set to be the next Maou of Earth…

Bob, the current Maou of Earth (what is it with guys named Bob?), met the brothers when they were young, and told them that he was a friend of the Shibuya family’s from long before the two of them were born. What does this mean? :D And he told Shori that Shori could be in a position to help Yuuri, who would have to go to a faraway land and face dangers and difficult decisions, if Shori would succeed Bob as Maou of Earth. Is there something particularly special about the Shibuya family that we don’t know yet? :D :D :D

Plus, we got to see some humanization of Murata Ken, what with Dr. Rodriguez showing up and all. (I still say the good doctor didn’t do poor Ken any favors. “Chase the sun,” he says. “Try to be the moon,” he says. Well, what if the sun is chasing someone else? Ever think of that?! I mean, isn’t it a little creepy the way Murata keeps telling the Shinou “I like Shibuya” in that cold, serious voice? …Ahem.)

You can see how after so much new information, it was a little off-putting to watch an episode about a baby who wanders off so everyone has to freak out and look for her (gee, that plot’s never been done before), and then positively annoying to watch an episode involving nothing but a shrine priestess acting out.

Here’s hoping for more cool plot stuff in episode 45.