Kyou Kara Maou LARP dream

Earlier today I took a nap to escape my bad mood. (I do that a lot. In my defense, watching TV wasn’t working, and I couldn’t concentrate on my book.) Towards the end of the nap, I had a rather odd dream.

I was LARPing as Kyou Kara Maou characters, here in our apartment, except we had an upstairs room that I kept forgetting existed. My mom was one of the other LARPers, and I’m pretty sure AJ was one of them too. At one point in the game there was some kind of problem that needed to be solved; I, as Gwendal, called a council so that the Maou could be informed.

“Okay,” I said as I approached the table, “I’m RPing like three different characters, so I’ll just say who I’m playing whenever I talk.” I think I was also playing Wolfram and Celi. But then I started thinking, Who’s playing Yuuri? Do I have to play him too? and realizing that I had way too much control over the game already.

Oh, and yes, I did actually say “Arr Pee-ing”. ;P