My internship is over

It was a nice couple of weeks, getting to see how things work in an art department and taking crash courses in design software. I enjoyed it.

Ultimately they let me go. After last Thursday I was kind of anticipating it; what I wanted and what they wanted didn’t seem to be meshing very well. I told them thank you for letting me have the experience and that I really enjoyed my time there. They told me to give them a call later on to see if an entry-level position had opened up that I could apply for.

It was all very polite. And really, it’s fine. I am disappointed in myself for not being where they wanted me to be, but at the same time I realize that that would have been impossible. I did my best, I worked hard, I learned. That’s all anyone can really ask of themselves.

And, strikingly, I gained this position based solely on my resume and the interview. That means that I can effectively present myself, which is a nice thing to know. What I need to do now is find something I really want to do, and put all my energies into getting it, just like I did with this internship.

I’ll probably fail again. I don’t have any real experience at anything. But these little steps will guide me to where I need to be. There’s no reason to be discouraged.

Time to take the next step.

Edit 5:42 pm: Never mind. My internship isn’t over. They called the wrong person. Ehehehehehehehe!