National Treasure

Just watched National Treasure with my brother and his wife (and ha! Now that statement isn’t specific enough to let you know who I’m talking about! It was Ben and Manda).

What a great movie!

I’d heard good things about it, but you know me. Watch movies? Never.

It’s not that I have anything against movies. Hell, I took two film courses in college. I just…never watch them. (And that includes many of the films I was supposed to watch for class.)

But anyway…this movie is fun. It’s very fast-paced–you have to pay attention or you might miss the reasoning behind all the running around. But that’s cool!

There’s more to it than a simple treasure hunt, a lot more. There’s a rival, a love interest, and family conflict. Plus there’s a sidekick type guy who is absolutely hilarious–he gets most of the best lines. All the pieces fit together perfectly at all times. The movie is firing on all cylinders from the very beginning and simply does not let up until its highly satisfying conclusion.

I don’t know (or care) if the story is plausible. It’s done in such a way that I believed in it. And that is what makes for a good time at the movies :)

(Disclaimer: I started crying over a children’s book called Big Brother, Little Brother today. It was just so sweet! “When Big Brother cries like this, who knows why? Little Brother.”

(So, I’m a sap. Bear that in mind.)