Okay, Life of Riley…I give up.

I kept checking and checking the site, waiting for LoR to resume. And when it did, I was so excited. I was one of the loyal followers who knew it would return. I was there to welcome it back with open arms.

And now…it’s doing nothing. Again.

Well, screw it. I may check back in a few months, out of curiosity, but it’s out of my bookmarks. I’m tired of loading the same entry every day. I’ve been doing that since April 18.

LoR, the same as any other webcomic I haven’t donated to, doesn’t owe me anything. But I don’t owe them anything, either. ;P

(On the other hand, Gossamer Commons has become very cool, and I’m enjoying it quite a bit. The beginning is best read all at once, but now it’s settled into a groove that fits the three-a-week schedule. I’m also getting used to the art–even if I still think Sonata looks like a hooker :X)