Re: Kyou Kara Maou 43

Everyone made a big deal in this episode about how Huber and Nikola’s baby had Maryoku (demon magic). Apparently there was an ancient legend that sometimes a child born to a human and a Mazoku would have amazing Maryoku. Except for the legend, this was unheard of–Conrad and Yozak, for example, don’t have any magical powers. Murata stated that he’d never actually seen such a child, in all his 800 years.

Uhhh…Yuuri was born to a Mazoku father and a human mother, and he’s got freakishly strong Maryoku.

Does he just not count because his soul used to belong to a full-blooded Mazoku?

Or have they just conveniently not mentioned that oh yeah, his mom’s a Mazoku too?