seaQuest is cheesy o_o

I watched the pilot yesterday, and the first regular episode just now, and I have to say…I am amazed by all the cheese. Somehow, when I was a teenager first watching the show, the simplistic natures of the character interactions and plot weren’t apparent to me. Now, though, they are practically jumping on my face.

The characters are actually fine. They are all unique and have depth. But the situations that bring this depth to the surface are hokey, poorly planned, and hastily executed. I have a hard time understanding how they get from point A to point B. It’s like I have to just accept on faith that there is some sort of logic to it all, somewhere.

Then there are sci-fi elements that are thrown in with no explanation, hardly dealt with, and then removed with only the barest of resolution. Case in point: Lt. O’Neill’s brief bout with dolphin telepathy in “The Devil’s Window”. I mean…what?

I am hoping it gets better in future episodes, to justify my long-held opinion that seaQuest is cool. But maybe it doesn’t. Maybe this is why, back when I was a teenager, when seaQuest was up against Lois & Clark on Wednesday nights, I chose to watch Lois & Clark.