Thank you, Brookie

I’m feeling better.

The friend mentioned in my previous post–Brooke–puts up with me because I’m not always a bitch. She let me vent to her about what happened with Jazz. (That’s all I’ll say on the subject here. If you really want to know, you can ask me privately. My biographers can just read my chat logs and old emails.) Ultimately, Brooke said what I needed to hear, and we commiserated a little.

Brooke ended up treating me to lunch today, too. We went to the Village Deli over in Daniel Village. It’s a neat little place. We were lucky enough to get a table before the lunch rush truly began, so we got to sit and eat and enjoy ourselves rather than waiting forever. I had a cup of lobster bisque and an egg salad sandwich in a pita, and Brooke had a turkey sandwich on wheatberry bread, and we split a huge plate of cheese fries and a multi-layered chocolate and peanut butter cake with chocolate and caramel syrup. (Holy crap.) It was all really good, and it was great just to spend time with Brooke in person. Sometimes I just need to be around people, I think.

It’s raining, but I’m calm. I feel loved. I feel like it will be okay. I’m listening to Conrad’s Theme, but now I hear the gentleness of it, the love and support, rather than the echo of tragedy. The theme says many things, but the clearest message right now is that things do get better, and all we can really do is survive and move on.