A Seinfeldian post

These days, I don’t even seem to hear Sean’s alarm. Instead, I wake up when he gets in the shower. I lie there for a few minutes, thinking about how nice it would be to just stay in bed, and then I get up, make the bed, move my phone and book to the office and living room respectively, take my pills, and make Sean’s lunch. I’m typically well-rested when I get up; it’s just that I like sleeping so much that it’s sometimes hard to decide not to do it anymore.

Reading Harry Potter lately, I’ve been actually jealous of all the homework the characters have. It would seem that I miss the school environment–or at least miss an environment that challenges me regularly.

My diet was going all right until yesterday. I didn’t exercise, and DietPower had only given me about 1100 calories. This doesn’t seem to be enough for me. I started the day all right, with Slim Fast for breakfast and a frozen Healthy Choice for lunch, but then an amazing hunger struck me and I ate a Hershey bar and some banana bread.

I would have been fine if I’d not eaten anything after that, but dinnertime rolled around and I wanted a big hamburger…so we got Hardee’s, and I went about 1000 calories over my limit.

The reason I didn’t exercise yesterday was because I felt bored at the prospect of going biking again, by myself. The weather forecasted rain (wrongly, it didn’t rain at all yesterday), but that wasn’t an issue. Really, I just wanted to do something different, and I couldn’t think of what that would be, so I didn’t do anything except read.

I have a job interview today at 2:45. Yesterday I emailed a bunch of job contacts for updates, and discovered that one job I was really interested in has been “cancelled” in favor of a hardcore web programming position. I haven’t heard back from three other places where I was expecting a response, including the temp agency, and I never heard a peep about all those government jobs I applied for last month. I failed to get a job at Payless ShoeSource because I have a problem with being dishonest, and she asked me a question point-blank that I couldn’t answer without making myself a horrible candidate.

I am getting really bored, and really tired of not contributing to our household budget.

At least the internship is going well, I suppose. Maybe someday I will have learned enough for them to consider hiring me, but since I’m only there one day a week, I’m not sure how soon that would come about.

I was looking at Grandpa’s Aubrey-Awbrey of Virginia and Kentucky yesterday. My entry is on page 41, under “Ronald Vance Aubrey” (“1. Heather Ann Aubrey – Born May 30, 1978, Lexington, Ky.”). There are little blurbs here about my parents and their parents that remind me how old this book is…Dad’s business, Ron Aubrey, Inc., isn’t mentioned at all, Mom is still said to be working at UK Med Center, and Granny (Mom’s mother) is still listed as being alive. Grandpa didn’t put a compilation date in this book, but Mom’s entry says, “Is presently employed (1985) as a registered nurse”, so there you have it. Dad started selling No-Dogs in 1987 or so; Granny died in February of 1991 (I think); and Mom quit her job at UK to help out with the business some time after that, before I got cancer. Grandpa himself died January 5, 2000.

Someday I hope to put all the stuff in this book onto the web as a geneaology resource, as I have Grandma’s permission. It’ll be either a lot of retyping, or scanning each page and hoping for some decent OCR. (I’d probably have to go back and hand-check everything.)

I am really enjoying Order of the Phoenix. I’d forgotten how great it is to see Harry and his friends fighting back against Umbridge–and I’d forgotten exactly how evil Umbridge is. Ugh. A lifetime Quidditch ban? That has got to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard…and those “lines” Harry had to write weren’t exactly innocent and sweet, were they?

Ah well…looking forward to the revolution :)