And now, some news from Japan

Here’s a story that should sound awfully familiar to Kelly: Man calls ambulance 50 times a year, demands ride home

An unemployed man who often called for an ambulance to take him home after he went drinking has been found guilty of obstruction of duties and sentenced to three and a half years in prison.

Judge Hidenaga Manabe at the Takamatsu District Court called the wrongdoing of Satoshi Nakagawa “selfish.”

“He committed a selfish crime by obstructing the highly urgent duties of ambulances,” the judge said when he handed down the ruling on Monday.

At least this guy was prosecuted…

This part of the article is hilarious:

The ambulance, however, headed for the fire station, not his home, which prompted an enraged Nakagawa to poke one of the paramedics in the cheek, slightly injuring him, according to police.

I wonder if it was a bunch of little pokes, or one big one.

Continuing in its tradition of taking care of orphaned and injured children, Japan has invited an 11-year-old Afghan girl to visit and receive an eye operation. Do nonprofits in the US do cool stuff like this?

The girl, Shogoofa, who lost her parents in the civil war in Afghanistan when she was three, had her right eye stabbed with a needle during sewing work at a refugee camp in Pakistan, and almost lost her sight, the Save Afghan Children group said.

And following in the wake of the JR West disaster, JR East has fired a driver for using his cell phone while working.

According to the company, a passenger in the front car spotted the driver using a cell phone just before the train reached Torami Station in the town of Ichinomiya in early May. His dismissal was dated June 7, JR East said. JR East instructs its staff to turn off their cell phones while working.