Bittorrent for anime distribution

Slashdot mentions this story at AnimeonDVD (reproduced in full below, as I can’t find a permalink):

As posted to our Region 1 forum this evening by David Williams of ADV Films: “As part of my explorations into on various online video options, I’ve placed a promotional video for Madlax online as a torrent. As this is a small part of a larger project I’m working on I’d be happy hear any comments, feedback, suggestions, etc. from the fans. If you have bittorrent and are interested in official downloads, use your client to download the promo at:

Currently there is just this promo video but I have much larger plans in mind. Let me know what you think and even what you might like to see in the future.”

If you try this, please provide some feedback for them here.

I’m interested to see how this turns out, but I don’t really feel like downloading a promo. Why not try it out on a full episode?