Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Or something.

I stayed up, and I just finished Chamber of Secrets, and now I’m going to go for a morning bike ride because I have -1302 calories in my “bank” and I need to work them off somehow. (Only having 1193 calories allotted for the day doesn’t help things, either. ;P)

Reading the Harry Potter books always makes me hungry–they get to eat such delicious-sounding things at Hogwarts. And so while I’ve been reading, I’ve been snacking: popcorn, fudge rounds, Mountain Dew, banana bread, a Hershey bar, an apple, and chocolate-covered raisins. All this over the past couple of days…bad Heather! Bad!

So, biking. I’m going to try the arm band that came with my MuVo for the first time, and enjoy some music while I’m riding :) Think I’ll do the Greeneway, because, while I’ve been itching to go to the Canal again, it did rain like a mother yesterday, and I’m not sure I feel up to dealing with all the mud.