I meant to do a lot of chores this weekend.

On Saturday while I was waiting for Harry Potter to arrive, I sorted my pants. I went through every pair of pants I own, tried them on, and sorted them into the following categories: too big, nice pants that fit and need to be cleaned, nice pants that fit and need buttons sewn on, casual pants and shorts, workout pants, and what I like to call “house pants” which I will never wear in front of people.

Most of my jeans are too big now. There are also several pairs of slacks in the “too big” pile. I’ve ended up with extra room in my dresser, where I may end up putting some of the nice pants, instead of hanging them up. Hanging up pants is nice, but they seem to end up getting a line of dust at the point where they drape over the hanger…

At any rate, I was hoping to get the dust cleaned off the nice pants (there are like 6 pairs of pants that I couldn’t wear before that fit now and look great), and to get the buttons sewn on the two pair that needed it, but I didn’t.

The kitchen has stayed clean this weekend, which is good. I did not do any laundry.

We are in dire need of groceries. The toilet paper reserve is practically empty. However, I did not go to the store.

I did clean Sean’s bathroom, to an extent. I washed out the tub and sink and toilet. I did not sweep or mop.

Speaking of floors, the whole apartment could use a good vacuuming, and the kitchen needs to be mopped.

You know what, I think I’ll just go to Wal-Mart. I had a nap earlier, because I was feeling drained, and now I’m wide awake but with nothing to do. I think I’ll go get some of this shopping out of the way.